Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 16

Try to have a consistent tempo. If you find that too difficult at least vary   your  tempo in various random  situations. Don’t let your opponents easily judge what you   have by your tempo or demeanor in the speed of  your  bidding. Suppose vul against non vul  you open one heart  with 5, KQJ964 KQJ9, A4, it goes two hearts  by your partner and RHO bids   two spades . You  have an automatic four heart bid, but if you bid it as soon as you can, your  opponents may judge you expect to make it and may bid four spades which they regard will be  a good  save that may even make. If you make your bid more slowly they may not do so hoping to set you.

In a similar, situation say you have QJ9A, AJ7543, A85, A.  This  has the same high card points as the previous hand. It is a worse hand  for  making your contract but much better for your side’s  defense. If you bid up to  four hearts  slowly  your  opponents may not  bid four spades  the save. If you   were to bid four hearts  quickly and   confidently, your opponents may bid four spades  to save. You may not even make your   contract, but surely can beat theirs Don’t act this way consistently. It is   coffeehousing or may be conveying illegal information to your partner, but if you vary your speed randomly it is not.

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