Mark Blumenthal


I was  staying in the main tournament hotel for the nationals being held in  Portland, Oregon in 1970.  I was walking  back to the  hotel after having been to a  big  bookstore that now is  called  Powells.  I  saw Vic Mitchell , who later was elected to the Bridge Hall of Fame,  walking in the other direction.
He saw me and came up to me and said, ” At last, someone I know. Which way is the hotel?”  I gave him directions which meant he had to  reverse the  direction way he had been walking.

I think if he hadn’t seen me he may have kept going until he hit the Pacific.

In 1972 he was the only bridge player to tell me that I was  making a mistake by joining the Aces.  Being born in New York City  and having lived there for almost all his life, I believe that he thought it was the only place  anyone should live. Moving so far from  New York  city  to  the near wilderness of Dallas, as I was prepared to do, was something he would never contemplate. 


Chris HasneyJuly 1st, 2009 at 7:46 am

These stories need to be memorialized on CDs. I’ve been screaming at the ACBL to use new technology to archive this stuff, but to no avail. Would you please put this on a video and send it to me?

M BlumenthalJuly 1st, 2009 at 8:40 am

Chris ,

The Lee’s Masterpoint Press is the bigegest publisher of bridge books in the world. They are unfettered by some ACBL restrictions. and are into new types of media, but I assume they want to make a profit. It’s up to them.

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