Mark Blumenthal

The Folly of Predicting

Long after we won our first tournament together, Mike Carson married and decided to run a duplicate game in Hollywood, Florida which is between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In 1972 I was going to be playing in the same general area in Miami Beach’s Southeastern tournament. Mike and I played together only in the life master pairs which we won. I played professionally for the rest of the tournament, but we planned that I would stay with the Carsons for a while after the tournament was over.

Especially in the afternoon Mike’s club had trouble attracting people to play in its game. Mike asked me to play with him in the afternoon game so he would have something for those people that were there and wanted to play in the game.

 I played a hand very well. Mike got excited and exclaimed, , ”  On a thousand top you would get a thousand!”,

 Unfortunately, there was  only a total of  two tables. The pair at the other table  holding our opponents’ hands had gone down a lot doubled so on a one top we received a zero on a one top.

The club had a lot more people so it had lot more tables for its evening game. I had arranged to play with Maxine Kramer, a decent player with whom I had played fairly often before she had moved there from Philadelphia.

To increase attendance Mike’ club offered a cash award for a pair having a 70% game. Mike asked us to forego the bonus. We agreed. It had been a wise move on Mike’s part as we easily topped 70%.


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