Mark Blumenthal

An Unjustified Reward

Some time in the mid-sixties Bob Goldman, Mike Carson,  Bill Landow and I played in a board a match team club team championship. I had played with all the other members of the team, and Billy and Mike had  played as a pair often, but when the four of us lined up as a team our best arrangement seemed to have my playing  with Mike and our  pairing  up Bobby and Billy.
On the first hand Mike opened one no trump. It went double. I bid two clubs which was running with a bad hand and clubs in in this sequence. My LHO passed. Instead of passing as he should have, Mike bid two diamonds. Which was promptly doubled. I bid three clubs which was also doubled so that became the contract. Luckily, I managed made it. After the hand was finished  I asked Mike why he hadn’t passed two clubs since it hadn’t been doubled. Mike said, “because it wasn’t game.” It turned out Bobby and Billy had a mixup on the hand and had  and went down redoubled. The only way for us to win the board was to bid and make a game as  which we had somehow  managed to do.



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