Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 13

When it has been passed to you in the third or fourth seat your weak two bids may vary from what you would open in first or second seat because if you have eleven points or fewer it is very unlikely your side has a game.   You should think defensively. You normally would pass a hand like SAQ1087, H54, DKJ96, C85, but in anything but unfavorable vulnerability you should open  two spades to disrupt the opponent’s constructive bidding.   If you have S76, HKQ753, DAJ5, C853 in fourth seat, the balance of points may rest with your side, but it is uncertain. Your hand is good enough to not want the hand passed out, but too bad for you to  desire to allow the opponents to easily be able to exchange information at the two level.

Also, you don’t want your partner to think you have the values of a hand you would always open on the one level in first or second seat so you don’t want to bid again if partner would respond.  By opening this hand two hearts you are, in effect, balancing in case it is your hand, but ensuring the opponents have to start at a higher level if  you were wrong. If you are very cautious you should refrain from opening two hearts on this hand only if you are vulnerable.

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Keith ZennerFebruary 22nd, 2009 at 4:54 pm

I started playing bridge in 1958 and this is new to me. It is no wonder I have not done nearly as well in matchpoints as I have in IMPs.

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