Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 10

 You should pay attention to your and your opponent’s vulnerability  when you are preempting. When you are vulnerable and they are not you have to be   conservative. Good opponents will know all they have to do is defeat you two   tricks doubled to exceed the possible value of their game. A typical three  spades  opening in   this situation might be AKQ10865, 76, J8, 107 or KQJ97532 Q,6, 9742. If both sides are vulnerable you can be more aggresive, but be wary of going down  two, for minus 200 which will be bad if the opponents   can’t make a game. A typical  hand for opening three spades in this situation. might be KQ109764, Q J, –6432    or K9,8654, or KJ109752, 8, 7, K987.  Nonvulnerable against nonvulnerable you can loosen up more. A three spades  opening  might look like KJ97532,  Q97, 83, J. Non vulnerable against vulnerable almost anything goes. You might open three spades  on QJ96532, K764, J8, — or K1098643, 109, 96, 63. A similar caution applies to weak twos and jump overcalls. I would open AKQ10,53, 75, 963,  6,  two spades only at  unfavorable his vulnerability; If  your partner responds with a force of two no trump, bid bid three no trump which shows this suit rather than showing a feature.

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