Mark Blumenthal

Tales of the Giant Crab – 7

In 1966 I didn’t have a car and wanted to play in the Labor Day regional in Pittsburgh because I had a good board a match team of Sidney Aronson, with whom I had won my first regional open pairs the year before and Harlow Lewis and Tony Dionisi, a good pair with whom I played a lot. It would be convenient to get a ride there and somebody with whom to share a room. Walvick, Mike Carson and Mike Garner were willing to go, but they didn’t have a fourth for the team. I called a friend in Washington DC who told me he could fix them up with a decent local player, Tom Lyon.

We finished with a good score. I walked over to how the team I had put together had done. Mike Carson and Walt were comparing scores. They came to a board about which Mike said, “I’m sorry, Walt. We were -90.” That was written on his card.

“That’s OK, Mike, we won the board” said Walt as he he had +110 written on his card.

After a pause Mike said, “Uh, I’m sorry. , Walt.We we really were -900 on this hand.”.

“That’s alright, Mike, “. said Walt. “We actually were + 1100.” That result enabled them to win the event. My team finished second.


mike carsonFebruary 2nd, 2009 at 4:10 am

Hmmm… Can’t say I remember the incident, but don’t have a doubt as to it happening just as Mark tells it. Unfortunately I remember more than one result that was just too embaressing to tell my partners the actual truth. So I’d just claim some average minus result that was pretty sure to lose the board and never have to admite the horrible truth. By the way…Hi Mark! Maybe we should say hello after about 30 years of silence… (

Mark BlumenthalFebruary 2nd, 2009 at 10:51 am

Walvick asked me if I had put that in. I already had written it up. Obviously, it made a bigger impression on us than it did on you.

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