Mark Blumenthal


For those of you who aren’t sports fans, The Boston College fotball coach, Jeff Jagodinski, was under contract to the school, but recently interviewed for the position of the head coach with the National Football team, the Jets.



Boston College warned him if he had the interview the school would fire him. He did, and it did. What does this have to do with bridge? Nothing, but it reminded me of something.

In 1970 I played in the Spingold with John Solodar, Bob Lipsitz, Alan Sontag, and the partnership of Marv Rosenblatt and Art Waldmann. I had wanted Bill Landow instead of Art and Marv, but John insisted. I was already playing professionally, but I was pretty naive. It didn’t occur to me that Art might be paying John. I still am not certain of it now, but I have my suspicions. We defeated the Rosenkranz team, but later  lost to the Aces.

In the Vanderbilt the next year I was to play with Lipsitz, Chuck Lamprey and Mike Moss. Bill Landow was to originally play with us, but his wife, Elaine, was to give birth about then, and he had to cancel. a We had to get Mike at the last minute. All of a sudden, John Gerber, the captain of the Rosenkranz team, approached me and asked me to play on his team. I felt committed and felt reluctant to dump a team I had formed. All the members of the team were friends of mine except Mike who objected to it.. They knew it was a big break for my reputation, paid well and urged me to do it so I joined Rosenkranz. The team I had left added Steve Labins who was Chuck’s regular partner. They lost their match  to the old Precision team, which ultimately   won the event, by an IMP.



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