Mark Blumenthal

Tales of the Giant Crab – 11

During most of the time I’ve written about Walt being in  

Washington. he  was going to law school. He finally graduated and  had to

take the District of Columbia bar exam. To ensure he wouldn’t be late for it,  he

rented a hotel room very close to the exam site and  stayed in it studying .

He  called the hotel switchboard and  asked the person at the desk

to make sure that his room  would get  a wake up call early enough so

that he  would have plenty of time to get to the exam.  When he

woke up the following day ,he realized he  had never received the call, and he was very late.  The exam had already started.  He hurriedly dressed. By the time he actually arrived

at the bar exam,  it was half over. He wound up having to take it again many months afterwards  which was   the next time it was it was given.

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