Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip #26

There are several ways to improve yourself as a bridge player.  First you should read bridge books or articles aimed at your level or higher.  When he was getting good, Bob Goldman supposedly  could tell  the page number of a certain type play, in Watson’s classic on play of the hand.  I could have checked this in the  many years when we played together or talked frquently but never thought if so doing.
If   you have to , take notes or lay out the cards so you will understand and remember what you read. Try to play in the toughest events for which you are eligible . Notice how your opponents bid and play and try to learn from them. Play with those who are better than you are and again ,try to notice how they bid, declare and defend. These players don’t have to be experts, but they should be better than you are. As you learn and become a better bridge player,  you will be able to get better partners. If you don’t understand something, don’t delay the game, but make a note of it.  Later on, you can ask your partner to explain it.  You probably can ask your opponents also,  who almost always will answer as long as you are polite and are careful to do so only when they seem to not to be otherwise occupied.

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