Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 25

Sometimes you have to go against the percentages if that is the only  legitimate way to make your contract . In the 1976 Spring Nationals I picked up A3, J76, KJ974, J102. Here is the bidding:


West North East South
Pass 1 Club 1 Spade 2 Diamonds
Pass 2 Hearts Pass 2 NT
Pass 3 NT Pass Pass


   The opening lead was the ten of spades Here is the  complete hand:




West East
 108  KQJ974
 K94  Q85
 Q10652  83
 854  Q3


 My RHO overtook with the the ten which I ducked. Spades were continued, and I had to win the trick with my ace. Obviously, if the percentage play in the club suit is  finessing the  jack. I  if it won  and the  the suit broke broke  three two  as it  it is a favorite  to do  I  could count one spade, one heart, two diamonds, and five clubs for nine tricks. However, I had a problem. I couldn’t get back to my hand to cash the  king of diamonds.  My only possible entry was is in clubs. If the queen of clubs were doubleton or singleton.  I could make my contract  because I then would have the club entry   in my hand, and and be able to   cash nine tricks. Accordingly,  I led a small club to the ace  and cashed the king of clubs.  I was rewarded because had the tbe  queen was doubleton, That it was offside was  offside was an added bonus because  some Easts might cover the jack of clubs Bidding and making  three no trump was worth almost a top.

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