Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 21

Most experts frequently play many doubles for takeout or cooperative even though they may not seem to be so logically. Assume the bidding goes one club   by RHO and you have

3, AQ8, AK10865, KJ7. You can’t double with a singleton spade and mediocre heart support so you should  bid one diamond. Assume TLHO now  bids one spade,  your partner passes and it goes two spades. Even though there is only one unbid suit you should double. This shows a very good hand and at least three hearts. Your partner is invited to bid hearts with good length or go back to diamonds with at least two. Of course, with length in spades and no liking for either red suit partner may pass and convert the double to penalties. You have good defense, but your defeating the contract figures to be close. This is about the worst hand you would have. Ideally you would have the  the heart king instead of the queen of hearts.


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