Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 19

When overcalling you may be a little lighter if you cause the maximum disruption to your opponents’ auction. Say  you have AJ9753, 86, KJ7, 973. And your RHO opens one club, overcall one spade. Even if  ther opponents play negative doubles they will have to make at a decision at a higher level. It will be especially disrupting if your partner can raise to two spades or even three spades if you play preemptive jump raises of overcalls as I recommend. If your RHO opened opens one heart I would not overcall if I were vulnerable. Your bid does not really interfere the opponents’ auction, and you have a marginal suit. Again, if your RHO opens one club and you have 973, 86, AJ9753, KJ7. I would not overcall with one diamond. You are not disrupting the opponents’ exchange of information but only giving them knowledge of your hand which could be important if they win the auction. If your partner has a good hand. she may act or either of you may balalance if the bidding ends at a low level. My minimum for overcalling one diamond over club would be something like , K3, 742, AKJ106, 642. You are ensuring your partner leads what seems to be the correct suit if the opponents win the contract in no trump or even a suit

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Ed ShapiroMay 6th, 2009 at 1:09 pm

You’re dating yourself with this tip. Though I still play the sound initial defensive actions that you recommend, that puts me in a small subgroup of reasonably competent tournament players — 10 percent or less is my estimate — who would not take initial action of some type on either of your sample hands.

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