Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 12

 Especially in match points always pay attention to your and the opponent’s  vulnerability in balancing or competing for part scores. If if you are  vulnerable in matchpoints you have to be slightly less aggresive in these  auctions. You don’t want to risk going your oppenents doubling and setting  you one for minus 200 which figures to be a very bad result in a part score   hand If you are not vulnerable you have a little safety because going down   one, doubled is 100 which is less than the opponents can get unless they can   only make exactly 1NT or two of a minor. Of course, you have to be pretty  sure you may go down only one. If you go down two vulnerable you’re  giving  your opponents + 200 even if they don’t double. Similarly, if you go down  two doubled nonvulnerable you figure to be getting a very bad score

If you think you have a decent chance of beating vulnerable opponents two in a part score hand you should be reluctant to double as  so doing so will give you a probable top if you defeat it but result in your getting a probable bottom, if you don’t . By the same reasoning you should be more aggresive doubling nonvulnerable opponents.

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