Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 11

Be aware of the advantage of having a long trump suit. Always reassess your hand when you know you have a fit. For example, assume the bidding goes 1S by you, 2S by partner, and 4S by you. Suppose you get an average dummy of KJ3, 9862, 10976, K8. You might have AQ109753, 3, KQJ8, Q or you might have AQJ76, K3, A74, A76.


With the first hand you will make your contract unless the opponents get a diamond ruff.With the second you probably won’t unless the HA is onside even though declarer has 18 HCP as opposed to the 14 of the first hand.

It is easy to conprehend if you realize each of your long trumps will probably be equivalent to aces if you play the contract in rhat suit. If you have length in your partner’s suit there is a good chance your partner will be able to ruff a suit in a suit you have shortness gaining one or more extra tricks. If that doesn’t eventuate your length helps to obviate bad breaks in the suit or may help partner execute a strip and endplay.


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