Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 8

If you know your opponents are in a bad contract because of a mixup, don’t double unless you know it is your hand. If it is not your hand +250 figures to be the best result you can achieve long as you doubt you cannot defeat any contract they may run to. Defeating a freeely bid slam figures to get you almost all the matchpoints anyway. There is an old story about Internationalists Bob Jordan and Art Robinson when they were in their prime. They had agreed upon hearts. Jordan bid Blackwood and Robinson replied five diamonds. Jordan thought for a long time and decided they couldn’t make a slam so he passed! His RHO asked him, “Do you know what contract you are in? Jordan said, “Yes, five hearts.” The opponent said, “Well, you’re not. You’re in five diamonds and I double five diamonds!” Jordan had been worried that his partner had useless strength in diamonds. Assured now that he didn’t, Jordan bid six hearts which was doubled and made. His opponent turned to him and said, So that’s how you win all your tournaments!”


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