Mark Blumenthal

Bridge Tip # 5

The best time for trying out conventions unfamiliar to you or your partner is bidding computer generated hands or when you are playing for practice or socially. If you are playing in a tournament or for money never play a convention unless both members of the partnership  you very well know it well and how to use it. Theoretically,  Modified Super Roman Keycard Gerber may be the greatest convention ever, but if the a partnership has a disaster because one of its members forgets the two of you  are using it, misuses it, or answers incorrectly, it may lead to a disaster while a simpler convention would serve in most  cases and would avoid a mishap

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Keith ZennerDecember 30th, 2008 at 1:41 am

I once forgot that 2d meant 4-5- in the majors and made 4s on a 3-4 fit for a top.

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