Mark Blumenthal

Following Instructions

Many years ago Dick Katz took his girlfriend, Kathy Evans, who was a novice, to play bridge at the local duplicate club. On the way he gave her instructions on opening leads.

“The game of bridge is a simple game.  We lead our suits, not their suits. Aces were meant to  take their kings. ” Kathy was made to understand that she was not allowed to lead to lead aces, trumps, singletons or doubletons.

On the second board of the evening she found herself on lead against four spades with the following hand, xx,AQ109xxx,xx,xx

She mentally reviewed her instructions. She placed the nine of hearts on the table. Dummy came down with the jack third of hearts. Declarer had the king third  of hearts. Dr Katz ruffed the opening lead, and declarer still had to lose two heart tricks giving Dick and Kathy a top. Given the instructions he had given, Dick couldn’t say anything

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