Mark Blumenthal

Philadelphia Stories

Though I wasn’t born there, I learned to play in Philadelphia and lived there for almost fifteen years. Most of them happened before I was playing regularly so I can’t attest to their truth:

One spring day internationalist Bob Jordan agreed to play with fellow Philadelphian, Bob Sitnek, in an open pairs in a sectional in Trenton, New Jersey. As they were driving there Sitnek asked Jordan, “What do you want to do if we don’t qualify?”

Jordan replied, It will be a snowy day in April if we don’t qualify in Trenton.”

Late that afternoon they drove home in the snow.


Bob Jordan was playing with fellow Philadelphian. Dave Warner. On the first hand They reached and made 3NT. Which made principally by his running a long minor suit.

They played the next hand and seeing his opponents just seeing his opponents just sitting there, Dave switched the boards saids and said.. “Come on. We have to play the next hand”. Bob and Dave reached 3NT again Having just played the board Bob was able to guess a queen he hadn’t done so earlier. As he played the hand one of his opponents said. Here come those damned diamonds again!”

Although he had made an overtrick this time because he knew all Bob filled out the pickup slip +600, and it was initialed with nothing said .

Long ago In an Atlantic City mixed pairs Bob Jordan, Norman Kay and his usual partner, Sidney Silidor were all playing in the mixed pairs. They couldn’t get sigle rooms for themselves so they agreed to share a room. Unfortunately, the room had only two beds and the management provided a cot. The three decided that the low score among the three would have to sleep in the cot..At the end of the second session Norman was third overall in the event. He had to sleep on the cot.



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